A futurist for change in the fuzzy front of transformation.

As a futurist for change, I identify, define and articulate new value in the fuzzy front of brand innovation anticipating socio-cultural scenarios. I convert insights and trends into business assets by co-creation. Therefore, I explore the future to extract your next opportunities.

What being a futurist for change means.

What does being a futurist concretely mean? It is simple. It is about transformation, innovation, branding but most of all, making your preferable futures happen. To this end, I am your change agent in the widest reach. Change agency means consulting in the holistic sense, at face value. Read further to discover how.

The fuzzy front.

The fuzzy front of innovation is where assets-in-the-making are abundant but value is unclear. This means that technological, social, relational potential is there. Yet, it is not articulated into clear vision and actionable commercial and business propositions for your market.

Change Agency.

Even more challenging, in the fuzzy front of innovation triggers and assets exist, whereby the existing structures of  relationships with stakeholders must change. As a result, teams, departments and business networks must be reframed and reorganised. As an opportunity, the enterprise needs to change.


In order to benefit from the transformative power of technological innovation or social innovation, enterprises and entrepreneurs need to deeply rethink the ways they do things.  Consequently. value chains, organizational design, and branding storylines need to change. However, no blueprint exists. We are in uncharted territory.


Innovation is the business process that converts scientific, technological and social opportunities from potential to value. In order to do so, one needs to effectively define what the actual new value chains are, and change accordingly. This is the core of the engine that brings business to preferable futures.


Branding is the business process that articulates value chains into values, vision, and actionable propositions. The resulting storytelling and storylines enable valorisation. Such valorisation might be achieved at different levels in the cultural realms of the brand, e.f. by thought leadership, social media, or classic marketing.

By Co-creation.

I deliver change management projects and consulting programs with a highly customised and uniquely relational approach for every client. I work according to any given enterprise culture, based on a keen scientific insight in business networks and a passioned practice in Diversity and Inclusion.

I work by plug-and-play in corporate teams, small and medium enterprise teams, scale ups and start ups entrepreneurs and executives, and the educational sector, both applied and academic.