The future belongs to those who are bold enough to write history, today.

Your next page is white because your future is a new story, yet to be written.



I am your writer.



Values. Visions. Inspirations.

In the past, enterprises used to be the intellectual, ideological, inspirational platforms that could radically improve the world. Like 1960’s Olivetti or 1990’s Apple, technology can act as the trigger of a higher vision, embodying and empowering on socio-cultural values.

Social Sciences and in Humanities (SSH) are “the” research competences to discover the next evolutions and revolutions of culture. Visioning enables and ensures the conversion of cultural values into functional, smart, sustainable enterprise futures.

Fine arts, literatures and design are “the” seedbeds of visions ideas and images shaped in words, visualized in paintings, printed in books, displayed in movies, in history, in philosophy.


Publishers. Partners. Clients. 

Awards: Emeraldi Literati (2011); ESOMAR Best Conference Paper (2009); ESOMAR Best Conference Paper (2006).

Publishers, Press and Journals: Palgrave MacMillan, Gower / Ashgate (then, Taylor & Francis), EMAP/AJ Books, 010 (Rotterdam), Lupetti Editori di Comunicazione (Milan), Giancarlo Politi Editore (Milan) / Flash Art Italia / International, Journal of Consumer Marketing (Emerald Literati Award, 2011), World Leisure Journal, World Futures Review, Journal of Tourism Futures, Research in Hospitality Management, Journal of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, Design Management Journal, Axis Magazine (Japan), GDR Report, WGSN, ESOMAR Research World.

Academic Affiliations: UniTo Universita’ degli Studi di Torino (Italy, Alma Mater); Tilburg University, Graduate School of Behavioural and Social Sciences (The Netherlands, Ph.D. Promoting Institute); THNK School of Creative Leadership (Amsterdam); Wharton Business School (USA); Emerson College Boston (USA/The Netherlands); Vancouver Island University (Canada); Art Center College of Art and Design (US); University of Delaware (US); UNAM (Mexico City); Temasek (Singapore); London Business School (UK); CREA (Geneva); IED (Italy); Domus Academy (Italy); School of Design Politecnico di Milano (Milan); Breda University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands).

Memberships: CRBKO (Independent Dutch Lecturers Association); International Association of Place Branding (UK/NL); UN World Leisure Organization (Spain/USA).

Past memberships and Affiliations: Association of Professional Futurists (USA); Design Management Institute (USA); ESOMAR (NL/Global); ArtHub (China); Premsela/Platform 21 (The Netherlands).

Consulting Clients and Past Companies: Philips Design / Philips International BV, The Netherlands; Philips Lighting Poland, Warsaw; Signify, The Netherlands; Municipality of Eindhoven, The Netherlands; RENA Electronics, The Netherlands; AEG, Germany; FCA FIAT Design Center, Italy; FCA Lancia, Italy; P&G, Italy; The Bolton Group, Italy; Parmalat, Italy; Mondadori Educational, Italy; Euro RSCG Milano, Italy; ItalDesign Giugiaro, Italy; Armando Testa, Italy; Nike, UK; Lighting Design Collective, UK/Finland/Spain; C3 Gallery/Pompei AD, USA; Flash Art International, Italy; FuturDome/ISISUF, Italy; Amati & Associates, Poland; Signium Consulting, Italy.